for readers aged 4+


Mister Biscuit Writes a Book is a series of small read-aloud books in the shape of a petit-beurre biscuit. The series is kicked off by a larger picture book and a small cardboard booklet.

Subsequent titles in the series read like a relay race and introduce new central characters. In Bubble Trouble Chocolate wants to break a world record. In Martha the friends of an elderly mushroom reminisce over their dead friend. In Old Man Watering Can Grandpa looks for a job, but it’s hard for someone as old as he is to find one. Eight Slices of Banana Take a World Trip is a story about the pleasures of travel, and of staying at home.


The text and visual humour are tailor-made for children of four years and up. The most charming aspects of this colourful series lie in the details; of the countless visual jokes, some are no bigger than a square centimetre. Anyone with the patience to look for them all will be kept happy for hours by this series.

“Truly funny books are rare. A real gem!” (DE STANDAARD)

illustrations and layout: Pieter Gaudesaboos
text: Lorraine Francis
translation: Siska Goeminne
pages: 32
size: 20 cm x 25 cm
publisher: Lannoo (2012)

translations: Chinese (Beijing Mediatime Books)