for readers aged 15+


My father knew he was attractive.
My mother knew the risks.
If he would cross the line – and handsome men have a tendency to do so, that much she knew of men – then she would tame him.
She had no fear, my mother.


The celebrated trio behind Linus has again created a genuine work of art. In Magpie night, their collaboration results in a sinister, neo-gothic atmosphere which will appeal to teenagers as well as adults.

The novel features three delicate short stories about marriages which are doomed to fail because of high expectations, ghosts from the past or simply because happiness is not meant for everybody.


Versyp has written three original anti-love stories in which the narrators share their darkest emotions in a straightforward style. But it is especially the sophisticated interplay between the text and two contrasting artistic styles which renders this novel so special. These images are not just explanatory, they compliment the words in an expressive manner.


Magpie night is a work to enjoy and to put on display afterwards.

“A trilogy of intricate stories about tragic love" 

tekst: Mieke Versyp
illustraties: Sabien Clement en Pieter Gaudesaboos
formaat: 18 cm x 22 cm
aantal pagina's: 128
uitgeverij: Lannoo (2010)

bekroningen: shortlist boekenpauw (2011), laureaat in de prijs Letterkunde Kinder- en Jeugdboek Provincie West-Vlaanderen (2013)